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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wrap It Up During Winter Break

The College Planning Group Blog Post   Dec 2018

As seniors eagerly await winter break they may wish to review these valuable to-do’s.

1. Be sure to have all required supplements and attachments for each application

Check the requirements for each of your college applications and go over each item carefully. This may seem simple, but you’d be surprised at how easy it can be to overlook a simple page or form. Don’t have your application tossed out over a tiny technical detail.

2. Proofread everything
You should proofread everything you’re about to submit–multiple times! Simple spelling or grammatical errors in your application may negatively impact your chances for admission. 

Colleges take errors and omissions seriously. If a college admissions counselor is selecting from two similar student applications and one has typographical errors the reader would most likely chose the student who took the extra time to thoroughly proofread their work.

Ask a friend or family member to proofread everything for you. A second set of eyes is always a good idea.

3. Make sure to pay paid your application fee

Without paying your application fee, your application essentially doesn’t exist.

4. Finish all college essays

One of the most stressful aspects of many college applications is the essay. Students often struggle over which topic to choose!  Focus of your chosen topic and write, write, write.

The nice part about writing during winter break is peace of mind. You will have more down time with less distractions.

5. Make sure your recommendation letters have been submitted

Hopefully you have asked teachers, guidance officers or clergy members to write your recommendation letters.  Follow up with them to be sure the letters have been submitted.

6. Consider applying to a Safety school

If your college list is lacking a safety school, now is the time to add one.
Many larger universities have later deadlines. You may be able to add to your list at this point.  Be sure to check with the college regarding their admissions deadline.

7. Write thank you notes 

You should write to everyone who wrote you a letter of recommendation or helped with your application.  Be gracious and show your appreciation.

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