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Friday, November 9, 2018

What does a Good College Planner do?

The College Planning Group Blog Post   Nov 2018

What does a Good College Planner do?

Below is a synopsis of what a college planner can do for students and families.

A good College Planner will make the college search and application process flow much smoother.  Based on feedback from our clients, you also may find that planning for college will be very helpful and maybe even enjoyable.

To properly plan for college, we help families follow the guidelines listed below:

1) Career and Education Planning
  • Comprehensive search to identify colleges that meet chosen criteria 
  • Self-analysis 
  • Access the student’s interests, values and skills 
  • Career search to identify optimum career readiness 

2) Application Process Assistance
  • Organizational tools 
  • Essay review and feedback 
  • Resume assistance 
  • Reminders of action items 

3) Financial Aid Planning Program
  • Analyze family’s financial position Calculate estimated family contribution 
  • Provide strategies to maximize aid eligibility   

 4) Financial Aid Filing
  • Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  • Complete CSS Profile form 
  • Complete institutional financial aid forms 
  • Ensure that forms are filled out accurately and on time 
  • Review Divorce/Separated, Business/ Farm Owners form 
  • Review and update Student Aid Report (SAR) 
  • Check the accuracy of financial aid awarded by government and college processors 
  • Advise colleges of any special circumstances that might increase financial aid eligibility 

5) Review and Appeals Process
  • Evaluate award letters 
  • Write appeal letter(s) and assist in negotiating for more financial aid when appropriate 
  • Complete verification forms 

A good College Planner can do a lot more for you and your child than you think!

Call us today to discuss how we can make your College Planning process easier and less stressful.

Hope this helps!

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