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Friday, July 20, 2018

Some College ABC's

Here are a few things to teach your kids before you send them off to college.

Below is a little checklist that may be helpful to your student and will give mom and dad peace of mind.

1.  They should know how to ask for what they want.  Teaching them to self-advocate is very important.  Remember mom and dad are not going to be at college.

2.  They should know how to travel alone.  Boarding a plane may be easy but your student should know how to handle a flight delay or a canceled flight.  

3.  If your student owns a car be sure she knows how to change a flat tire or call for roadside assistance.

4.  Be sure your kiddo can do a load of laundry.  Include buying detergent, turning on the washing machine and dryer and folding clothes.

5.  If your child does not have a meal plan at college check out some easy recipes and practice making a meal together.

6.  Teach your student the basics of using a credit/debit card.

7.  Teach your kiddo not to give up!  College life may be challenging but no one said it would be easy.

Enjoy the ride!

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