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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tips for Sophomores and Juniors: Planning College Tours

The College Planning Group Blog Post Apr 2018

Tips for High School Sophomores: Juniors: Planning College Tours

The summer is coming sooner than you may think, which means that
sophomore and junior year high school students should start planning
their summer college visits now. Visiting colleges early can be fun and
adventurous and will help to reduce some of the stress that comes with
college planning.

Start Early

Visit local campuses now with your family. Enjoy beautiful campuses
near you during the nice weather. Stroll along the walks, check out the
quad, poke around the dining area and talk to students. Without
pressure your mind will be open, be sure to ask questions and learn all
you can about college life. Take notes and have a good time.

Time to Get Serious

Once you have your college list and have a better understanding of
college life you should be ready to plan your road trip. Don’t forget to
schedule college tours ahead of time. If you plan to visit out of state
colleges consider the demographics. Map out a few colleges to see on
the way to your dream school and if you have time visit one or two
colleges on your way back home.

Make the College Tour Count

Talk to senior students on campus, voice your concerns and get their
views on college life. Explore academic departments, ask about class
size and whether the class is taught by a full professor, assistant
professor, associate professor, adjunct professor or research associate.
Visit the dining hall and student center. Ask about campus safety and
security policies. Get financial aid information. 

Drive around the surrounding area to get a feel for the neighborhood, stores, restaurants
and parks. Pretend you live there. Make sure the school fits you and
that you will feel happy in the college community for four years.

Get started today and you will be happy you did!

Hope This Helps!

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