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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Larger Colleges vs Smaller Colleges: Myth vs Reality

The College Planning Group Blog Post   Apr 2018

Larger Colleges vs Smaller Colleges: Myth vs Reality
There are many questions surrounding the benefits of attending a large university as opposed to attending a smaller college. Larger schools do not necessarily mean a student will receive a better degree.  Ivy League College graduates do not necessarily have better careers. 
As far as staff, many smaller colleges have exceptionally qualified professors and richly established classes.  Also, smaller colleges do offer some students generous financial aid packages.
Why consider a Small college:
  • Smaller campuses mean you are part of a smaller, tighter-knit community.
  • Smaller colleges and universities offer “boutique majors” that may only attract a few dozen students a year…this means your unique niche major may only be offered at a small school.
  • Many smaller colleges allow you to take classes at nearby larger schools.

You may get a great financial aid package at a smaller college. Smaller colleges wish to attract students too. Don’t underestimate endowments made to smaller colleges made by graduates that absolutely loved their school and wish to give back.  
We recommend you look at a few smaller colleges. They may be a better fit.
Hope this helps!

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