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Monday, August 21, 2017

Rising Seniors Alert!

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As summer nears a close and the Back-To-School Sales are everywhere, there is a big reality check for thousands of parents of High School Seniors: Their Rising Senior will be going to college in 12 months!

Are you prepared? Have you been following our advice for the last 3 years and this reality has no effect on you? If so then you can stop reading…enjoy the rest of your summer!

If you are starting to panic, You might be in one or many of these situations:

          - You have not visited any colleges yet

          - You do not know how to apply for financial aid

          - You have not saved much money to pay for college

          - Your student has not asked for Recommendation Letters

          - Your student has not taken the Standardized Tests yet

          - Your student has decent grades but not great

After all that, you do not need to panic: We can help you and your child like we have helped many before you…There are some things you need to do, however:

First: Download our Free College Planning Timeline…start at page 12 to see the overall plan.

Second: Get your 2016 tax federal tax return and W-2s together so you are prepared to complete the FAFSA form online. (NOTE: We know tricks and tips so let us help you)


Next: Talk to your financial advisor to see how you can afford college and minimize your child's student debt.

Next: Book a meeting with you and your student with their High School Guidance Counselor ASAP. They can help you find local and regional colleges best suited for your student.

 Finally: Sit down with your student and discuss WHY they want to go to college. Listen for positive reasons and negative ones: If they want a certain career in a field they love, we can help you find colleges that will fit their needs.  They should apply to 6-10 colleges.  If they only offer reasons to avoid certain jobs they may need to explore local Community Colleges while they focus their goals.


Rising Seniors: Let us help you have a great Senior Year with less stress and worry…it is not too late!


Hope this helps!



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