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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Who is the "Group" in The College Planning Group?

Obviously Stan Ezekiel, who is the founder and most active advocate at CPG, is the person who is most known to our clients. Stan has decades of helping young students, especially Freshman and Juniors in High School, find the college that is right for them. He makes it fun and seamless for both the student and the parents.

However, Stan also relies heavily and more recently on a very special person named Kerry Vieira who has years of experience inside the college admissions offices of some major league universities.

Ms. Vieira has worked in the area of college admissions for over twelve years. She started at Simmons College, where she became an Associate Director of Admission and traveled overseas for international admissions recruitment. 

After Simmons, she worked contractually for both Suffolk University and Bentley University. For the past five years, she has been a team member at The College Planning Group (CPG). 

Her work at CPG also focuses on editing college essays and resumes, as well as conducting the workshop entitled “College Essay Bootcamp.” Presently, she also works on the Northeastern University Campus where she is the director of the World History Association. She holds a Master’s Degree in Modern European History. 


So if you have a student who is a Freshman or Junior in High School (or later), please reach out to Kerry...she is eager to help you and your student find the right school!

Email her at 

Or call today:  800-985-8569 Toll Free

Hope this helps!

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