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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Introducing another team member at The College Planning Group

A quick note about another great resource available to our families: College Planning Group Consultant Mark Haberland

Mark was interviewed recently at a College Event and had this to say:

"Guiding high school students was my profession for 35 years. I had the pleasure of being a guidance counselor at Gloucester High for all of those years. My philosophy is simple: We will work together as a team to find the best match for you, regardless of the challenges you may face. 

I am aware that getting ready for college is a big step.  We will however proceed in tiny steps, one foot at a time until you get there. The journey will be part of the overall goal.  College planning can be fun."

So we are very excited here at CPG to offer this awesome resource to all our new and existing families...Mark has a unique insight from the High School perspective. He knows how to work with High School families and how to get the students to step up and get deeply involved in teh planning process.

As a side note: Mark agrees that starting the college planning process in the Freshman Year is a great strategy for finding the the best college fit for the student...

You can reach Mark via email:

The College Planning Group
Canton MA     800-985-8569

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