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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


"Start your Student Resume Early"

Why have a Student Resume? When should you start? Who will read it 2+ years before you start applying to college? What should be on it? 
  • Here are some answers and other tips:

    ·         We recommend starting as soon as possible so you don't forget anything that you accomplish during your early years of High School.
    ·         What should be on it?
    o    School Projects: Colleges want students that start and finish projects on their own and on teams. How did you demonstrate good teamwork and initiative on your Freshman or Sophomore Science Fair project? Did you talk to experts outside of school or in industry?
    o    School Extra-Curriculars: Robotics Team? Debate Team? Vocal Chorus? These are all great indicators of a hard-working student that will thrive in college...will colleges give you more money to attract you? Perhaps they will so list everything you did after school.
    o    Work that relates to your college field: If you don't know what you want to study in college, list your work in terms of how it shows your responsibility, work ethic and reliability. The money is nice but the admissions department likes hard workers.
    o    Summer camps: If you want to go to music school and you went to a music camp that's great but any camp experience adds to your resume. What did you learn? Did you work in teams or lead a group? Did you demonstrate maturity or problem solving skills in games?
    o    Boy / Girl Scouting: These programs, as well as church-based groups, produce some of the most mature and responsible young adults and colleges want to know you participated, even if you stopped before the top ranks to change your focus on a higher priority. Colleges wany well-rounded students in their population..
    o    Sports: Even if you were not the captain, all organized sports show ability to work on a team, have personal initiative, self-awareness and confidence and goal-centered focus. Colleges also want a lot of healthy students that are involved in all their activities because that attracts other students etc. List every position and # of years.
    o    Civic Programs: Churches and Social Groups offer opportunities to travel, work on socially-significant projects, help others in need, learn about other cultures and educate yourself outside of school. Colleges offer similar programs like Study Abroad, Consortium School Work and Team Projects...they want students that can handle travel, living on their own, being in a new environment, meeting new people, helping others and being a leader...If you have this on your resume, they will want to meet you!
    ·         TIP: When you go on a college tour, have one ready to hand to the organizer or Admissions Manager...most students will bring nothing and leave no impression whatsoever...take every opportunity to make them remember you.

    ·         TIP: Always have 5-10 resumes on you while visiting a never know who you will meet or who will want one. If you visit a Science Lab class, and the department head stops in to sell the schools BS in Sciences and Technology, why not say hello and hand him your resume with a red circle around your Science Summer Camp experience? Connection made! You say that sounds far-fetched and she will just throw it away? Try it and see...

    ·         TIP: In your interview, give them the resume immediately before they ask you a question. That way you will stand a better chance that the first question will be "What did you like about your Summer Camp experience in Nashville?" rather than "What can you tell me about your favorite math class?" The resume will focus on you and what you want to say, not what they like to ask.

    ·         TIP: When looking for Letters of Reference your resume can be used to find many unusual sources of valuable references: When you visited the local manufacturing company for your Freshman project or helped run a training session at Soccer Camp who was in charge? Did you meet with an author to write a paper in Junior Year? A reference from a top business manager or owner of a sports camp or a known literary figure is a big catch that will set you apart from the group.

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