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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Focus on College Planning / Courses / Grades as Freshman

"Why Start College Planning Early Series" Article 1 of 6:

Focus on College Planning / Courses / Grades as Freshman

When is the best time to begin College Planning? Some say Junior Year or even Sophomore Year to give the student time to acclimate to High School. They recommend "let the young student navigate the first 1-2 years of High School without the added pressure of College Planning"...But this only adds to the mounting pressure and could negatively impact finding the right college.
Starting your College Planning in Freshman Year has many benefits to consider:
  • It makes the last 2 years of high school much easier on the student, the parents and the family.
  • Having good study habits that have been cultivated during the first 2 years makes the last 2 go smoothly
  • The Senior Year schedule is planned and predictable, this is the preferred option instead over cramming in classes that are a larger jump in difficulty.
  • You can visit more colleges in 3 summers versus 1 and you are not sacrificing all the shorter breaks: Summer road trips are less stressful and the better weather makes for better family experiences.  It is suggested that once the preferred colleges are selected, visiting when colleges are in session is very beneficial.
  • Teachers can help plan all 4 years of courses and help adjust if detours arise. Imagine knowing that the basics and foundation is planned out and the student has electives decided early.
  • High School Guidance Counselors will learn your student's personality better and will create a more collaborative and helpful environment...they have hundreds of kids to help and yours will stand out.
  • Parents can be involved in homework and study planning and arrange home life to support this
  • Don't forget Summer Work and Vacation Learning opportunities: 3 summers of productive job experience and specialty college prep classes versus 1 or 2 summers.
  • Some of the better College Planners will only charge 1 fee for all the College Planning activities...get 4 years of help for 1 fixed fee!

There are many more but you may want to consider starting your College Planning in the students Freshman year. When the student arrives at college, they will be more prepared, relaxed and enthusiastic knowing they are at the right school for the right reasons!

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