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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Springtime is Full of Opportunities for High School Juniors

Your junior year in high school plays a crucial role in your college search. Possibilities are wide open during your junior hear. There are so many colleges to consider and there are still many opportunities for college scholarships.

Here are some things to consider in the spring of your junior year:

Take the SAT and ACT. Taking these tests now will give you a good base score and help identify areas you may need to improve on.

You can begin checking out colleges online or with virtual tours. Make a list of your interests. Consider what type of college you wish to attend, for example, large university vs. small liberal arts college, technical school vs. traditional institution, city school vs. rural, in-state vs. out of state. Once you have an idea of your preferences, start your search. It is okay to change your mind many times as you decide what truly matters most to you. Students often find that their ideal school is very different from what they initially expected. 

Visit local colleges to get a feel for what a college campus is all about. It is best to visit when class is in session to get an accurate impression of what the school is like, but summertime visits can help you refine your preferences and narrow your search. During the school year, visit the cafeteria during mealtime and see whether you feel comfortable. Do other students seem like they fit in? If you are an athlete, check out the athletic schedule and sit in on a game. Ask yourself if the school matches your vision of what a college campus school be. Once you have made a decision and actually think that you may consider a certain college take it a step further. Take a tour. Check out the dorms. Ask a lot of questions. 

Junior year is a great time to start piecing this college puzzle together.  Most of all remember to have fun with the whole college process. There are a lot of colleges out there, and when you do your homework, you will certainly find the right one for you.

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