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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Six Things Parents of High School Seniors Need to Know NOW

College planning is essential at every step of the process.
If your student is a senior in high school then you need to read this NOW. 
  1. Look beyond the big name schools. Student often can receive just as good an education at a lesser name school for a much lower cost.
  2. Look beyond the published cost of the college. Consider the availability of scholarships and financial aid assistance. Be sure to consider transportation expenses -- staying closer to home may save you money.
  3. Look at colleges that offer a wide range of programs that interest your student. Transferring to a different school costs money and may increase the amount of time needed to finish.
  4. Choose wisely and look beyond the bottom line. Which school is the best fit for your student? Where is your student  most likely to be successful? Look at what percentage of students return after freshman year.
  5. Question the scholarships. Are scholarships one-time only or are they renewable for additional years? Pay attention to any requirements to maintain eligibility.
  6. Consider what percentage of students graduate from your student's choice school in four years. Additional years means additional money.
With proper planning this can be a fun process. Position your student to stand out and be successful in their college career. Financial aid is both need based and merit based. A strong application can make a big difference.

Feeling stuck? Ask a professioanl. Call (781-828-1114) or email College Planning Group ( for a free consultation. CPG can help identify schools to consider, and we know how to help your family get financial aid.

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