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Friday, February 7, 2014

12 (More) Proven Study Tips for High School Students

Last week we highlighted 12 proven study tips for high school students. Those 12 focused on concepts that will help you prepare for study time - in class, through your learning style, etc. And today, we'll highlight 12 tips to keep in mind directly while you're studying for a test.

Here are the proven study tips you should consider adopting:

13. Find peace and quiet: Some students think they work better with music or where it is noisy. Tests have shown that studying and working in a quiet place prove more effective. If you absolutely feel that you need some background noise, consider classical music. It has been proven to improve focus.

14. Exercise: Exercise is important for your brain. So when you know you have a big study day coming up, make sure to schedule in some exercise before or to break up your session. (This will also help you sleep, which is important...)

15. Breaks: In studies, it's been proven that people are less effective as time goes by spent on one task. That means you need to take short breaks to recharge the batteries. Everyone is different, but try different lengths of time on and off studying.

16. Healthy snacks: Your brain needs nutrients to work properly. Make sure to sneak in a healthy snack and meals, especially during study breaks. The coffee and candy bar, although boosting in the short term, won't help you ace the test.

17. Get sleep: This may be the most important tip in this entire series. Sleep is crucial for your brain. If you pull an all-nighter, your brain will be working on low battery. Give it a reset with a good night's sleep - 7-8 hours.

18. Drink water: Amongst the sodas and/or coffee you'll likely be throwing back, make sure to get enough water. Keep you brain cells hydrated and you'll be able to think more clearly.

19. Don't work in bed: Keeping separate arenas for sleep and work is crucial. Drawing a line between the two is important, and the physical space is much more related to mental than you might think. If you're working in bed, your sleep can be effected. Conversely, you'll probably get sleepier while studying. The two need to stay separate.

20. Flash cards: Many people use flashcards. And they can be used beyond the basic vocab or history test. Try out formulas, molecules, facts & figures beyond just works.

21. Sprint sessions: Some productivity consultants talk about how they use sprint sessions to focus on one task and block everything else out. Try it out for 90 minutes. Focus on just one subject - ignore your other tests and papers, stay off Facebook, tell your parents to leave you alone, and get away from the internet. You'll be amazed how much you can get done. 

22. Read out loud: Hearing what you are reading and writing can add another channel of learning to the mix. So try reading out loud. You may be teaching yourself and working at the same time, increasing how much info you can retain.

23. Record and listen: Similarly to #22, you could even add another behavior. Record what you are saying to yourself, and then play it back another time. This is like having your own talk/lecture, explained to you by the person who gets you best.

24. Create your own test: With all of the study habits and tactics listed above, this acts as a culmination of all of them. Try creating your own test and then take it. If you know the material and what will be on the test, I guarantee your test won't be much different than the real one. In addition, think about who knows the answers best. The person who writes the questions.

That was your full guide to studying like a champion. Most likely, only a few of these will be new to you and stick. But that's OK! Adding that discipline may be the difference between a B and an A. And that's worth it.

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