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Thursday, January 30, 2014

12 Proven Study Habits for High School Students

High school students study in different ways. And if you consider yourself a good student, you probably know what works and what doesn't for you specifically. Today, we want to highlight a number of different high school study habits that have been proven successful, so you can try new tactics, add a few to your current game plan, or start from scratch altogether.

Here are our first 12 study habits we've assembled for high school students:

1. Go to and pay attention in class: Nearly every teacher will cover in class what they expect you to know on a test. That's why we've started here. If you're at class and engaged, you're way ahead of the game.

2. Take notes: Take a step back and think about school this way - you are digesting a lot of information on a daily basis, across many disciplines. So no matter how well your retain information, some will slip through the cracks. That's why you need good notes.

3. Ask questions: Schools do their best to find the right mix for every student (well, let's not get into a debate). But the fact of the matter is that each student doesn't learn at the same speed or in the same style. Make sure to ask questions in class. Not only will you help out yourself, but a few of your classmates will probably be thankful, too.

4. Review your notes within 24 hours: Studies have shown that it is easier to retain information if you review it within 24 hours of obtaining it. So, scanning your notes from the day while your home will only take a few minutes and could be very helpful come test time.

5. Stay after school: Similar to #3, each student has their own needs/styles. Therefore, when your teacher offers the opportunity to get some extra one-on-one work after school, take it. You'll be amazed how much you can learn in 30 minutes with your teachers.

6. Understand what will be covered: Certain information is more important for you to retain long term than others. And because of this, teachers have to choose a certain percentage of everything taught that will show up on the test. Make sure you understand what those topics are.

7. Test your learning style: Often, students determine their "learning style" too early. Just because you've pegged yourself a visual learner in 6th grade doesn't mean you can't successfully learn socially or verbally. Try out new ways - you're probably a blend of styles.

8. Don't cram: Cramming just the night before a test has a lot of drawbacks you've probably heard about. Not only will you simply run out of time, but you'll cut into your sleep - something that is critical for test success.

9. Get set up: When you start a study session, don't rush into it. Set up everything you need - flashcards, notes, textbook, computer/internet, paper, pencil... classical music?

10. Focus on ideas, not words: Understanding the concepts of what you're learning is much more important than simply remembering the words/formulas, etc.

11. Use technology (study tools): This tip is especially true for standardized tests like the SAT. There are a lot of great practice tests and study tools online and in apps. Seek them out and be sure to add them to your study mix.

12. Make a schedule: Your teachers are very organized. Let's give them some credit. At the beginning of every semester, you'll know when papers are due and tests and scheduled. So work your schedule around that and stick to it. That way, you can be slowly studying for a test throughout the semester, rather than just the night before.

Get started integrating these into your study habits. We'll have 12 more next week!
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