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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Mother's Perspective (Important Information)

This is part II of Libby's college planning series, "A Mother's Perspective". You can see her first post here.

Not long into my younger daughter’s college search she decided that she wanted to be an elementary school teacher. During our hastily reworked February vacation school visits we discovered that a major university nearby was hosting an open house for prospective education majors during April vacation. She signed up immediately.

The open house was a huge success on so many levels. She can be very hesitant to step out of her comfort zone, but the students and professors were easy to talk with and quickly had her engaged in conversations about her interests and their program. The formal presentations convinced her that education was the right path, and the campus tour was a hit. We now had a front-runner for her school of choice.
A small education school inside a very large university seemed like a great combination. She said she liked the urban campus, although I did wonder whether that had more to do with how close it is to her hometown baseball team than with the school itself. On the other hand, she knew this school was a long shot – incredibly competitive and very expensive.

The most important outcome of the day was that she had learned about what she did want in an education program: one that offered undergraduate education degrees, specifically elementary ed; a smaller education school within a larger university; and in-classroom experience within the first year, if not the first semester.

Knowing that this was a reach school, she had some homework to do and decisions to make.

The next step? Deciding where to apply.

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