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Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 101 College Planning Twitter Accounts for Parents

Feeling a little stressed about getting your son or daughter into college? From applying for financial aid and scholarships to making lists of reach schools and fall backs, it’s easy to get swamped with information that makes it hard to find the perfect fit for your student (at the right price!). You need a plan to stay organized and informed.

In the old days, getting organized probably consisted of colored folders and some sticky notes. But now you have something better—you have Twitter. With Twitter, you can get all of the up-to-date information you need in one place. And you don't need to fly around to 101 different websites to get it.

So if you are a parent planning for college, here are the top 101 Twitter accounts you should follow. (In ranking these, we took into consideration importance, number of followers, number of tweets, and relevancy of information. Click each button to automatically follow that account.):

  1. The College Board:
  2. Common Application: 
  3. FAFSA: 
  4. US Dept of Education: 
  6. Jodi Okun: 
  7. USA TODAY College: 
  8. U. S. News Education: 
  9. NYT Education Life: 
  10. FastWeb Scholarships: 
  11. NYT The Choice: 
  12. Suzanne Shaffer: 
  13. The Princeton Review: 
  14. Get Schooled: 
  15. IHEAdmissions: 
  16. CollegeBoundNet: 
  18. Trevor Packer: 
  19. Juan Vasquez: 
  20. Scholarships USA: 
  21. Zinch: 
  22. College Summit: 
  23. Ashley Hill: 
  24. College Success Fdn: 
  25. The Education Trust: 
  26. Lumina Foundation: 
  27. College Prowler: 
  29. CollegeWeekLive: 
  30. The College Guide: 
  31. myFootpath: 
  32. Braintrack: 
  33. Careers and Colleges: 
  34. Mark Montgomery: 
  35. Theresa Smith: 
  36. Michael Prime: 
  37. Lynne O'Shaughnessy: 
  38. Unigo: 
  39. TheCollegeGuideSite: 
  40. Student Loan Network: 
  41. My College Guide: 
  42. MyCollegeCalendar: 
  43. College Confidential: 
  44. Smart College Visit: 
  45. Scholarship America: 
  46. College Parents: 
  47. College Counselors: 
  48. TheCollegeHelper: 
  49. Campus Bound: 
  51. InsideCollege: 
  52. CollegeXpress: 
  53. Colleges-Distinction: 
  54. Nat'lCollegeAccessN: 
  55. Happy Schools Blog: 
  56. 401Kid, Inc.: 
  57. Michael Szarek: 
  58. Your College Kid: 
  59. High School Equity: 
  60. My College Options: 
  61. My Big Future: 
  62. MEFA: 
  63. MONEY on College: 
  64. Noodle Education: 
  65. Your Key to College: 
  66. US CollegeSearch: 
  67. Any College: 
  68. edreform: 
  70. YouVisit: 
  71. eCampus Tours: 
  72. Go See Campus: 
  73. myCollegeSTAT: 
  75. College Planning: 
  76. TICAS: 
  77. Latinos in College: 
  78. CollegeNET: 
  79. CollegeView: 
  80. Elizabeth Kraus: 
  81. Application Bootcamp: 
  82. Make College Reality: 
  83. College Connection: 
  84. John Carpenter: 
  85. Kiersten Murphy: 
  86. Estrela Consulting: 
  87. High School Graduate: 
  88. CollegeMapper: 
  89. Go Financial Aid: 
  90. J. D. Rothman: 
  91. Peterson's: 
  92. NPEA: 
  93. College Parent Central: 
  94. Story to College: 
  95. Wise Choice: 
  96. The College Advocate: 
  97. The Collegiate: 
  98. The Alumni Factor:
  99. Alleyoop: 
  100. Acceptional: 
  101. Plan for College: 

Did we miss a great college planning resource? Do you feel an account is out of place? Tweet at us to nominate another account for this list:

Congratulations to all that made the list! Continue the good work.


  1. Well, we may be at #83 on the Hit Parade, but at least we made the list! [Here's to moving up on the charts next year! LOL] @GetCollege Home of The College Whisperer™

  2. Great resource! At Alleyoop, we're trying to get students prepared for college by solidifying their skills in math and science, and thinking about the "big picture" these resources will be very valuable for our followers and fans. Thank you!

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