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Friday, November 2, 2012

50 Questions to Ask a College Admissions Department

Parents and students are always searching for questions to ask college admissions officers. Our most popular article covers ten questions to ask, so we figured we'd expand on that today. Here is a list of 50 questions you can ask an admissions officer on a visit, a phone call, or an interview. These questions come from sources around the web, so see the bottom for citations. 

Obviously, you probably won't be able to get to all 50 questions in one conversation. And some of them can be found online before your discussion. However, we wanted to provide a wide range of questions so you can cut it down to fit your situation and your most important ones. Here they are: 

  1. What is the best way to prepare for your school?
  2. What is the school culture like? 
  3. What do students like most about this college/university? 
  4. How does your career planning department compare with other colleges/universities?
  5. What type of tutoring programs are offered to students?
  6. How many liberal arts classes do students take and how many classes will they take toward their major?
  7. What do students do for fun?
  8. What are the college’s academic specialties? What programs are particularly strong?
  9. What unique programs are incorporated into your school's curriculum?
  10. What are the most popular majors?
  11. What makes your college distinctive?
  12. What are the academic credentials of the typically admitted student? (ACT/SAT/class
  13. rank, GPA)
  14. Are extracurricular activities considered when making admission decisions?
  15. Is residence housing guaranteed? Is living in the residence halls required? What
  16. percentage of students live on campus?
  17. Describe the variety of housing styles on campus: suites, apartments, etc.
  18. What percentage of classes are taught by professors, and what percentage by teaching
  19. assistants?
  20. What are the deadlines for application and for financial aid?
  21. What percentage of students receive financial aid?
  22. When are notifications of acceptance sent?
  23. What percentage of the freshman class return for their sophomore year?
  24. What is the student to faculty ratio?
  25. What percentage of students leave campus on the weekend?
  26. What type of scholarship opportunities are available?
  27. Are freshman permitted to have cars on campus?
  28. What kinds of academic assistance are available?
  29. What security measures have been taken to assure the student’s safety?
  30. How are roommates assigned?
  31. Should students bring their own computers?
  32. How is this school distinctive? 
  33. What are the top five states from which your students come?
  34. What percent of the student body is composed of international students?
  35. What sort of academic calendar do you use: semesters, trimesters, one course at a time, etc.
  36. How difficult or easy is it for freshmen and sophomores to enroll in courses they want?
  37. Who typically teaches freshman & sophomore courses - professors, T.A.’s?
  38. How easy is it to double major? How easy is it to major in one area such as science, and minor in another such as business?
  39. How writing-intensive is your curriculum?
  40. How available are faculty members?
  41. Is there much informal student-faculty contact outside of class such as students and faculty having lunch or dinner together or playing sports together?
  42. What kind of student is most successful at your university?
  43. What sort of student would not be happy at your institution?
  44. Do you have any pointers on writing essays that your school requires with the application?
  45. Tell me about your graduation rate. How long does it usually take for full-time students to complete a degree in (specific major) at your college?
  46. Describe the variety of housing styles on campus: suites, apartments, etc.
  47. What are the opportunities for study abroad? 
  48. What is the availability of campus work opportunities?
  49. What volunteer/community service opportunities are available for students at the college?
  50. What percent of students do internships? How does your college assist students in finding internships?


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