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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

College Planning - A Mother's Perspective V

Libby Kozak is sending her oldest daughter off to college next year. With another daughter in her junior year of high school, Libby is becoming experienced in the college planning process and has offered to write a series of blog posts from "A Mother's Perspective." As a client of The College Planning Group, here is Libby's fifth article:

Happy New Year and Acceptance Finally!

The early action did not pan out and the new year arrived with nothing to do but wait and worry about the FAFSA. But there was no worrying, because I received an e-mail in the wee hours of New Year’s Day as we were heading home that all of our info had been received and we had a preliminary ranking. Talk about a great way to start the year!

When the first acceptance letter arrived just two weeks into the new year, it was my younger daughter who was most excited. Her sister was leaving – though not soon enough. Silly girl. It only meant the clock was ticking on her own college search.

That acceptance necessitated another college visit, since we’d never visited that school.  Fortunately, she felt right at home in the biting cold of Minnesota and knew that she had a great place to go if that was her only option. More acceptances came in, along with a couple more rejections.  One more visit. The visits were costly, but more than worth it given the last visit clearly ruled out a school as an option. Obviously, it would have been nice to know before she applied that the school wasn’t a good fit, but we were working with what we knew.


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