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Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Twitter Chats that Help Parents Get Ready for College

To many, Twitter is the land of made-up words and shorts sentences. (Although that holds some truth) it is also a great resource for parents to learn about getting ready for college. Today, I want to talk about five Twitter chats that take place where professionals, parents and students discuss topics like financial aid and how to get ready for college.

Now, what are Twitter chats exactly? Five different college planning organizations hold these Twitter chats weekly. The # sign simply turns the phrase that follows into a link for Twitter users to click. When clicked, it pulls up all the results where people mention that phrase. From there, the host of the chat poses questions to the audience and professionals respond with short, helpful, insightful answers. The most recent results (or tweets) will appear at the top as they are posted. You can follow the discussion on Twitter by clicking the ones that look most interesting to you as listed below. Or, your can visit to track each discussion. Participate by tweeting with the #phrase at the end of your statement. Try it out!

Here are 5 great Twitter chats that will help you gain some great insight about getting ready for college as a parent:

1) #CollegeBound
Host: @CollegeBoundNet; Gina & Barbara from
Time: 4 PM EST
Day of week: Monday
Topics: This chat covers different topics from testing to scholarships, admissions and more. Check it out next week to hear what they have to say!

2) #CollegeCash
Host: @JodiOkun; College $$ Advisor
Time: 10 PM EST
Day of week: Thursday
Topics: The college cash chat covers the financial aid process and has guest hosts who cover specific topics. Last night, they covered FAFSA 2012.

3) #CampusChat
Host: @collegevisit; Smart College Visit
Time: 9:00 PM EST
Day of week: Wednesday
Topics: Covers all things college from campus visits to college admissions and college life.

4) #scchat
Host: @sch_counselor; Danielle Schultz
Time: 8 PM EST
Day of week: Tuesday
Topics: The School Counselor Blog and SCOPE put this discussion together for school counselors to discuss new ideas. This week it covered how to stick to new years' resolutions as a counselor.

5) #edchat
#edchat seems to be an ongoing discussion about education overall. Whereas it used to have a standard time, it now looks like it is is continual and has no host (correct me if I'm wrong in the comments section below). Check out the topic and you'll find some useful information.