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Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Unique Massachusetts Colleges to Consider

Many high school seniors don’t know what they want to study in college – that’s normal. But for some, a strong interest is there that can lead to a perfect college major. For students like that, there are many specialized schools around the country that focus on certain majors or disciplines. It can be a big gamble to go to a school with one major, but if it works out, it can be a great experience and perfect choice for that student. Today, we’re going to highlight 5 colleges in Massachusetts that specialize in different things. We tried to offer a wide variety here.
1. Hampshire College: make your own concentration
Hampshire College is a liberal arts school located in Amherst, MA. Hampshire has taken a very interesting approach to education by offering students the chance to come up with their own concentrations based around what interests them. You create an individualized program with a faculty member and you are encouraged to go beyond traditional education borders and follow whatever interests you the most.

2. Olin College: engineering
Olin is located in Needham, MA and just opened in 2002. With under 400 total students, Olin College is essentially a very tight community of talented students who are pursuing engineering. With a 9-to-1 student to faculty ratio, students build a close relationship with their professors and can study electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering degrees. For the class of 2016, Olin will only enroll 85 top students from around the world

3. New England Conservatory: music
If music is your passion, consider New England Conservatory – the oldest independent school of music in the United States. From jazz to music history and voice and opera, the Conservatory offers a wide range of musical studies. And with Jordan Hall, NEC is a National Historic Landmark. With about 750 undergraduate and graduate students, you’ll fit right into this small community if music is your passion.

4. Massachusetts Maritime Academy: maritime studies
Located at the mouth of the Cape Cod Canal, Mass Maritime helps students turn their love for the ocean and environment into maritime careers. From maritime business to engineering and transportation, this school offers a variety of marine studies. Massachusetts Maritime is more than any other college, though, because both physical and mental requirements are built into the curriculum. In addition, each student is required to complete at least one Sea Term. Sea Terms typically last for almost two months in which students prepare, load, board, and man a ship at sea to learn hands on skills while also taking classes on board.

5. Stockbridge School (UMass): agriculture/landscaping
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has a specialized, 2-year school dedicated to agriculture, landscaping, horticulture and design. What is unique about Stockbridge School is that students can be part of the greater UMass culture and campus, while focusing on pursuing their studies in agriculture. With an enrollment typically between 200 – 300 students, Stockbridge boasts a job placement rate of 100% for its students. By developing highly specialized skills, students are ready for the work place right away.