Plan For College

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

College Planning - A Mother's Perspective on the Beginning

We started the college search process late.  It was in January of my daughter’s junior year when I really started hounding her about what schools to visit. Since she had ruled out all schools within a 300 mile radius, day trips were kind of out of the question. 

I didn’t know then, (that was before I met Stan from The College Planning Group), that even visiting local colleges and universities would help her identify the qualities that mattered most. Instead, without guidance, I searched the College Board website hoping for inspiration. As I pushed and pushed my daughter to identify schools, ANY schools, for us to go visit over school break in April, she finally snapped, pointing out to me that this was HER college experience not mine, thank you very much. So, I backed off. 

We did end up going to visit some schools, although we only had one official school tour out of three schools seen. She did fall in love with a school that was completely the opposite of everything she originally imagined she wanted. But we had only toured the campus with a friend, so we didn’t really know the school’s presentation yet.


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