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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 10 Questions to ask at a College Tour

ten questions college tour
College Tours - Ask Questions!
Summer time is in full swing. Last week's guest blog post covered how to avoid the summer slide so our brains don't go to mush. There's another great way to stay active in the college planning process: go on college tours. College tours during the summer can be a debatable topic, however. It is a great time to visit because high school students are not in session, but also a bad time to visit because college students are not in session! Come debate this on our Facebook wall!

Whenever you choose to visit a college, here is our list of top 10 questions to ask on the college tour:

(1) What percentage of students live on campus?
(2) Do you and other students like the food in the dining hall?
(3) What does it take to graduate in four years?
(4) What is the average financial aid package like?
(5) Do a lot of students go abroad?
(6) When do you have to decide a major?
(7) How easy is it to change your major or concentration?
(8) How much time do students spend on homework per night?
(9) What is the professor to student ratio and how big are the classes?
(10) What types of jobs do students get after graduating?

Each of these questions can be altered to fit your situation. Overall, however, if you can make sure these ten questions are asked throughout the campus tour, you will start to get a good sense of the college academically, socially, and financially.

We urge you to come up with your own questions and share them on our Facebook wall. What have you asked on a campus tour that turned out to be a great question?

...and make sure you're on top of the College Planning Timeline!


  1. I suggest that summer is a good time for rising high school juniors and sophomores to visit more-local campuses, to get an idea of what size school they feel most comfortable. If Land Grant State U is too big, what about State College, or even Private 4-year Liberal Arts College? It's not so much to look at a particular college for eventual attendance, but to get a feel for the culture (of which size is an important factor) of a school. That information can then be extrapolated into a better-informed college target list for the student.

  2. It is also important that there are plenty of on and off campus activities to keep you occupied. Take the time to ask what people do for fun. I would suggest you ask this question without your parents around though.

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