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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 College Recruiting Situations Explained for Athletes

Every so often, the Plan For College Blog likes to cover the athletic side of college planning. Today, we want to discuss two situations in the college recruiting process that occur frequently. 

Situation #1: Student Athlete Receives a Generic Letter

Many student-athletes in their senior year of high school receive generic letters in the mail telling the athlete they have been approved for admission to XYZ College. At the same time, many college coaches send out thousands of these generic mailing each year in order to reach out to as many potential recruits as possible. Sometimes this gives the student-athlete the impression that they are being recruited. 

Getting a generic letter notifying the athlete they have been approved for admission is NOT a sign of being recruited. However, if the letter is followed up by a call from the college coach or a direct e-mail, this is without-a-doubt a sign of interest from the college coach.

Situation #2: Student-Athlete Only Receives A Partial Scholarship, Now What?

Many student-athletes will not qualify for a full athletic scholarship.  Therefore, what other aid can the student receive?  Many colleges lack athletic scholarship money in non-revenue sports.  Therefore, colleges will combine athletic scholarships with other forms of financial aid such as, student loans, federal or state grants, and academic scholarships.

Normally if the student athlete qualifies for an academic scholarship they must meet certain academic requirements each year to maintain the funds.  Sometimes, this could be difficult for college athletes due to the time spent playing their sport and the time that is needed keeping their grades up at the same time. This is why time management is so important in college.

One of the best things about getting an academic scholarship is the student-athlete only needs to meet the academic guidelines of maintaining the scholarship.  This is different than keeping an athletic scholarship.
Athletic scholarships are renewed each year.  If the athlete is not performing up to par or is hurt and cannot play anymore, the college could elect not to renew the athletic scholarship. 

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